Port of Magganitis Ikaria
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Βreakfast coffee ice cream

Cafe - Bar - Restaurant

Breakfast Coffee ice cream

Enjoy your breakfast and coffee or even a wonderful fresh and delicious ice cream

enjoying the unique view of the sea of ​​Magganitis and forget …

Breakfast – Snacks – Sweets

Fried eggs 4 euro
Sandwich 1,50 euro
Mixed with: cheese, ham, turkey, bacon, greek sausage or frankfurter,
Tomato,cucumber, potatoes peppers, mushrooms, cheese ,mayonnaise, farma
Omelettes 4,50 euro
Club sandwich 6,50 euro
Tost 1,00 euro
Waffle 3,50 euro
Merenda 1,50 euro & biscuit or ice cream
Mom's spoon sweets
Donuts handmade

ice cream

chocolate 1,00 euro
Stracciatella 1,00 euro
Strawberry 1,00 euro

Coffee & soft drings

Greek 1,50/ double 2,50 euro
Freddo/capputsino 3,00 euro
Popsicle 3,00 euro
Fresh juises mixed 4,00 euro
Frappe - Nes 2,50 euro

Hot or cold tea 2,50 euro
Refreshments 2,00 euro
Milk shake 5,00 euro
Espresso 2,00/double 3,50 euro
Chocolate hot/cold 3,00 euro
Fresh juises 3,00 euro
Cparkling wine 2,5 euro