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Category: EVENTS 2018

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Trio live music 28-9

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2018 CLOSE SEASON With us again the TRIO Giannis Loukos (GUITAR, Nikos Kochylas VIOLIN, Vassilis Kalogridis BOUZOUKI after the parade with Passages from Asia Minor, rebetika and Aegean. Sto gialo kanei fourtouna  from 14:00 We are waiting for you!!  

Trio+1 live music-23-9

We liked it and we do it again! on Sunday 23/9/2018 from 15:00 and after TRIO + 1 Giannis Loukos : GUITAR, Nikos Kochylas:VIOLIN, Vassilis Kalogridis:BOUZOUKI and Labros Sakellariou: Percussions Sto gialo kanei fourtouna evening 15¨:00  and after We are wating you!!

Trio live music 16-9

TRIO LIVE MUSIC 16 OF September 2018 The TRIO Giannis Loukos GUITAR, Nikos Kochylas VIOLIN, Vassilis Kalogridis BOUZOUKI   Sto gialo kanei fourtouna 16/9/2018 from evening 15¨:00 We are waiting you!!

kandinelia live sto gialo-6-september

6 of September 2018 Cadinelia sto gialo! For a unique appearance on the “sto gialo kanei fourtouna”, one trip from the Mediterranean to Mississippi! START TIME: 21:00 FREE ENTRY We are waiting for you!

full moon party- 26-8

Full moon party 26 of August 2018 Sunday night in a port of Magganitis. Full summer and full moon of August.So under the moonlight with good quality music. We are waiting you!

Matoula Zamani live sto gialo-22-8

For one unique concert, Matoula Zamani AUGUST 22  2018 in  “sto gialo kanei…fourtouna”. A special night with a special dynamic presence under the moonlight of August that you should not miss! START TIME: 22:00  – FREE ENTRY We are waiting for you!   fb page: https://www.facebook.com/Matoula-Zamani-214970361060/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfXNmWSmLEQ

Dimitris Mistakidis live 4&5-august

Dimitris Mystakidis 4 & 5 AUGUST 2018 Rebetika of the guitar in two unforgettable nights in Magganitis, Ikaria! With him: Ifigenia Ioannou, George Tsalabounis, Dimitris Pappas Sound recording: Marios Sakoutis START: 21:30 free Entrance. We are waiting for you!   DISCOGRAPHY:http://www.dimitrismystakidis.gr/%ce%bc%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%83%…/ WEB PAGE: http://www.dimitrismystakidis.gr facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DimitrisMystakidisOfficial YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChH3EEsPGqjSwweLmSm4clw

Αppointment with the moonlight-28-7

Full moon party 28 July 2018 in a port of Magganitis at Saturday 28 of July. Quality music for everyone. Free entrance. We are waiting for you!  

full moon party-29-june

Full moon party on the ” sto gialo kanei fourtouna”on Friday, June 29 The Moon will be here … with quality music for everyone, in the port of Magganitis on Friday, June 29. Free entrance. We are waiting for you!  


17 of June rebetiko music live The beautiful music company will take us to Smyrni and the Aegean islands on Sunday 17/6/2018 from evening 17:00. Nikos Kochylas VIOLIN – voice Giannis Loukos  GUITAR-voice Vassilis Kalogridis BOUZOUKI-voice We are waiting for you !!