Port of Magganitis Ikaria
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Cafe - Bar - Restaurant

Apperitizers – Salads

Fava split peas/puree 5,50
Soufiko ikarian/fresh veg/bles 6,50
Homemade meatballs 7,00
Baked oven peppers/cheese 6,00
Zucchini flowers 6,00 euro
stuffed with rice
Seazon salads 6,00 euro
Greek salad
Tzatziki 4,00 euro
Pitarakia Traditional/ikarian 5,50
Homemade zucchiniballs 6,00
French fries 4,5 euro
Homemade variety 28,00 euro
The Rika's famous variety!
Ntakos-Cretan salad 6,50 euro
with rusk ,cheese,tomato
Saganaki cheese/honey/sesame 6,00
Homemade cheese/pies 5,50
Homemade rolls/bacon/cheese 6,00
Strapatsada scrambled/eggs/tomato 6,50
Seazons greens 5,00 euro
chicory, vlito (xorta)
Potato salad 6,50 euro
Delicius from our garden!

Main plates

Tigania 7,50 euro
Guenched with wine fried pork, served on pitta
"Drunk" rooster 8,00 euro
cooking in wine /onions,peppers,tomato sause
Spetsofai 7,00 euro
olive oil
Μακαρονάδα χορτοφάγων
Vegetarian spaghetti 8,00
onions/peppers/tomato/sauce/quenched with wine
Ντομάτες γεμιστές
Grilled vegetables 7,00 euro
Μελιτζάνες φούρνου
Aubergines in the oven 6,50 euro
with feta cheese, fresh tomato sauce & bacon
Ο γνωστός μουσακάς απο τα χέρια της Ρίκας!
The famous from the hands
of Mrs Rika!

Fish – Seafood

Φρέσκα νόστιμα ψάρια
Fresh fishes
Ask the waiter for the fish of the day!
Spaghetti with shrimps 12,00
Mussel rice 
Rise with mussels, dill & onion
Πεντανόστιμα και αγνά καλαμαράκια
Fried squids (kalamari) 7,50
Delicious,pure/squid that you must taste!
Χταπόδι ξυδάτο
Octapus with vinegar/oil/oregano 12,00
Γεμιστό καλαμάρι στο φούρνο
Squid stuffed with rice/cheece
Shrimps saganaki 12 euro fried shrimps/feta cheese/tomato sause/peppers
Μύδια σαγανάκι
Mussels saganaki 12,00 euro
Fried mussels-feta cheese,tomato,pappers
Φιλέτο μπακαλιάρος
Fried haddock Fillet 8,00
Fried anchovy (GAVROS) 7,00
Delicious local anchovy of the hour!