Port of Magganitis Ikaria
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Cafe - Bar - Restaurant

We are a family catering business based on self-sufficiency.

What is self-sufficiency for us?

It is definitely the way of life and tradition here on our island but also too in the catering business which has been for us years ago pillar of quality and development.

It is also love and joy in our daily life shared with our customers. Mrs. Rica is responsible for the kitchen and the gardens with vegetables

and Nikos in the management, organization and kitchen supply with everything necessary, such as fresh fish from the nets,pure virgin olive oil from our production and of course quality pure wine from our vineyards!

All seasonal vegetables and salads who we served such as: zuccini, eggplants, green beans, lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, potatoes and many more are organic crops!

One morning sto gialo kanei fourtouna with Mrs. Rica.  Watch the video..

Self-sufficiency in the catering business