Port of Magganitis Ikaria
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Drings – coctails

Cafe - Bar - Restaurant

Special drings - Coctails

Try  dring refreshing cocktails  or choose a whiskey, Rum, Vodka or Gin.

If you like beer you will definitely cool down with a small or large glass druft.

And for the company there are several options such as tsipouro or ouzo with meze.

Quality bottled wines, or local bulk pure wine from our vineyard!

All near by the sea and overlooking the endless blue in Magganitis, Ikaria.



ALFA DRAFT big glass 4,00 euro
ALFA DRAFT small glass 2,50 euro
FIX, HEINEKEN 330ml 3,00 euro
Ikariotisa topic botle  4,50 euro
ERDINGER, FISHER botle 5,00 euro
CORONA pale lager 5,00 euro


Glass of ouzo 2,00 euro
Bottled wine18,00 euro
Glass of wine 2,00 euro
Bulk wine 5,00 euro
Begleri from our vineyard!


Glass of tsipouro 2,00 euro
Hot raki with honey 8,00 euro

Drinks - Coctails

Whiskey, rum, vodka, gin etc. 6,00 euro
Special drinks 7,00 euro
Coctails 8,00 euro
Mojito, Caipirinia, Caipiroska
Coctails 8,00 euro
Margarita, daiquiri, kamikaze κ.α.